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Solarpanel - Stafier Solar Systems

The energy from the sun is one of the natural sources of energy, and seeing that Stafier is an expert in the manufacture of supports for roofing tiles it is not surprising that the product programme has now been extended with a support system for solar panels. A seamless seal has been achieved between the solar cell and the roofing tiles with the help of aluminium sheets, thus creating an integrated roofing system. The design is determined by type of roofing tiles used. Stafier Solar Systems works with the customer to design a ready-to-fit, environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution that works for all roofing tile systems. The design is more or less universally applicable. Stafier can develop a frame for every type of roofing tile. In this way Stafier and its customers make a contribution to the generation of renewable energy. A solar panel the size of 4 roofing tiles is already capable of supplying 55 Watts of energy.

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Heat Exchanger 

Heat transfer plays an important role in many processes. This is the principle of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are used in many industries, such as the chemical and foodstuffs industries, shipping etc.
Stafier also works on projects for heat exchangers and manufactures parts for these, for example. The water is heated for household use and the energy also comes from the sun here. 

Distribution of energy

Stafier offers a wide range of different cable gutter models for the distribution of energy generated in wind energy parks.

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