Project organization

Stafier has its own engineering department, tool shop and quality department. These have an important position in the project organization.

Specialists work throughout the company who ensure that the quality of your product is optimal and your production process is as efficient and sustainable as possible.


Stafier’s engineers prepare one or more creative and innovative designs for the product in consultation with the customer. We use Solid Works software, which allows work to be carried out on a well thought out design right from the first concept of the product. The program allows for variations and simulations and for a 3-dimensional design to be created. Sometimes different techniques are combined in order to arrive at the desired product.

Stafier thinks along with the customer. Our engineers work with your project groups so that we can contribute to the project from the very beginning.

Tool manufacture

Stafier designs and makes the tools and matrices necessary for the production in-house. New tools have to be made for the majority of the orders, since after all no order and no product is exactly the same. Stafier has, therefore, invested in metalworking machines that can make high quality tools to an accuracy of 0.001 mm, used for perforating, bending and/or punching, for example.


We manufacture our products entirely in-house. Flexibility in production is, therefore, of the greatest importance. The machinery for the product divisions of sheet metalworking, pressing and casting, perforating, wire working and welding and construction, therefore, has both manned lines and fully automated production cells. Stafier devotes a great deal of attention to quality, design, dimensions and packaging.

Stafier does not just invest in machines and automation, but also in personnel through development and training programmes for a safe working environment.


Our quality department carries out checks during the production process. Our specialists carry out checks during the production process and before the products leave the factory; all in accordance with the applicable national and international standards. The quality employee is an important link between the production employees, welding/construction department and expedition.

Stafier is certified by Bureau Veritas for:

  • the quality management system ISO 9001
  • the environmental management system ISO 14001
  • the safety management system ISO 45001