The examples shown do not give more than a first impression. This is because Stafier manufactures the support as desired for each particular customer – from perforations, choice of material and thickness to design and model. The constructors calculate precisely the right drying pallet on the basis of loading, height and length, making use of values gained from experience and theoretical knowledge. Regardless of the specific requirements for the finished product, stability and strength are always optimum and bending is kept to an absolute minimum. Stafier supplies custom-made supports.

Roofing tile drying pallets

Stafier sales engineers find a responsible and affordable drying solution in metal for every type and every shape of roofing tile. Drying pallets for roofing tiles come in various models ranging from simple pallets that can be loaded on one side to more complex reversible pallets and stackable pallets. Stafier engineers can develop sophisticated concepts that allow various types of roofing tile to stand on a minimum number of supports. It is even possible to have adjustable and/or exchangeable components, thus limiting the total number of support variants required. Stafier roofing tile drying pallets means that the tiles will dry evenly and quickly.

Sound reduced

With the development of the SR (Sound reduced) drying pallet Stafier has made a contribution to reducing the noise level in the brick factory. Stafier has been helped in this process by a Netherlands Institute for the ceramic industry, that carried out tests on the SR drying pallet. The stiffener profile of this brick drying pallet is insulated, to reduce acoustic energy transmission by 50%. An international patent has now been granted for the SR drying pallet.

Brick drying products

The production of the Stafier drying pallets for facing bricks and pavers is fully automated with the use of robots. Perforation, forming and spot-welding are performed in succession within the production process. Stafier supplies the right sort of drying pallets for every type of brick to allow quick drying of the green product so that energy can be saved. The sizes of the pallets are always perfect, as is the relationship between the price and quality, and if a stackable variant is required, for example, then the Stack Rack is a suitable solution.

Drying laths

Stafier designs and produces many types of drying laths and profiles including for use with extrusion bricks and blocks/chunks. The laths are made from a variety of types of materials, such as galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel depending on the system requirements and the drying atmosphere used by the customer. As well as the usual open laths Stafier also supplies the very stable closed laths, with or without perforations.

Stafier drying equipment and drying cars

Customers regularly opt for a total solution with stackable support system, Stack Rack. This is used in combination with flat bed drying cars. Traditional dryer cars solutions complet with shelving are also within the Stafier product programme.

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