The products that Stafier makes from stainless steel have various applications in the food industry. The supports are hygienic, easy to clean, of a high quality and durable. Stafier intends to be a partner for the whole development project and offers innovative solutions that meet the clients wishes. The designs are presented as 3-dimensional models so that the client can get a better picture of the final product.

More over by making them to size they can be applied in every logistics or production system.

Besides Stafier has developed the unique system StackRack™: a smart logistic system without moving parts, stackable and also nestable. It allows existing cheese rooms to contain much more cheese and shipping departments to stock much more empty StackRacks.

Why? Just by listening to our clients and taking advantage of our experience. The cheesemarket has a need of one uniform logistic system, best cleanable, flexible and traceable.

The advantages:

  1. A system a robot easily can handle
  2. Cheese loading and unloading easily from the top and not in between the supports
  3. Cheese is sunk and implied in the rack
  4. Less floor area needed with regard to common stillages (space saving)
  5. Space of only 5 mm needed between top of your product and bottom of the upper support
  6. Stainless steel is easy to clean and therefore very hygienic
  7. Suitable for cleaning by an industrial tunnel washer
  8. A reliable choice for the future reducing your companies footprint
  9. Any size possible to produce
  10. Tracking & tracing by means of RFID chip

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