Stafier aims to use its many years of experience to be the specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of products made from high-quality and coated steel, often perforated. Stafier aims to extend its position in the national and international markets. Expert advice, innovation, quality and effectiveness are central to the added value that Stafier provides to its customers.

In addition to providing products that meet the highest standards of ourselves and our customers, Stafier also strives to achieve this with minimum environmental impact and where reasonably possible, restricting it.

We ensure that at least the applicable laws and regulations are complied with and work on continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Staff is the most important investment in the organization. Our staff must be able to work safely in a healthy work environment. In addition, it is important that our employees can develop themselves if possible. This is guarenteed by a good working environment and development of the employee by improving personal skills.

The efforts of the board, management and staff are aimed at forming long-term and respectful relations with customers, partners, people in the near environment, suppliers and all employees together.

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