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Nelissen Steenfabrieken, a manufacturer of façade bricks, is a well-established name in Belgium. For 4 generations, Nelissen Steenfabrieken has been providing façade bricks of the highest quality. In order to improve the production process and maintain the highest quality, Nelissen was in search of specific drying pallets. And that’s where Stafier excels. Paul Sino, operational manager at Nelissen, explains how it all started.

“We were looking for drying pallets that could withstand all the factors they are exposed to in the factory, such as mechanical stress, for example. And all at an acceptable price.”

Thinking in solutions

The request was clear, now it was a matter of finding a suitable partner. “There were plenty of companies, but we believe it’s important that the manufacturer aligns with Nelissen’s core values. We were looking for a manufacturer that speaks our language and always thinks in terms of solutions, and that’s what we found in Stafier,” says Paul.

Sustainable drying plates

“Stafier designed a drying pallet for us that meets our requirements. It’s durable, sturdy, and constructed in a way that allows for perfect drying. This didn’t happen overnight of course, but their expertise made the process acceptable. In addition to the drying plates, they also provided replacement parts for drying cars.

The result

Regarding the final product, Paul says the following: “The result meets our expectations for a drying pallet. Stafier worked closely with us and promptly fixed any concerns or comments without any discussions. That was very convenient. This outcome has reduced the product failure during our drying process. Moreover, the consumption of drying pallets has significantly decreased in recent years.”

Overall, it has been a successful project. “We have had a very good collaboration with Stafier. They understand our needs, innovate with us, and think in terms of solutions,” concludes Paul.

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Nelissen Steenfabrieken