The Stafier story

Drying, maturing, storing, sterilizing. Whatever you do with your product, you want to place it on the right surface. So that the quality is optimal and your production process is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Exactly the right airflow for your bricks or tiles;
Precisely the right maturation of your traditionally made cheese;
Accurately designed trays for sterilizing your petfood.

In order to achieve this, we immerse ourselves in your wishes like no other. Because every detail of the shelf or tray on which your product rests, can have a decisive influence:

  • the design that ensures less noise during production in your factory
  • the specific perforation that guarantees a perfect natural ripening
  • the use of easy-to-clean materials that enable hygienic working methods

Everything we make is custom-made, to your needs.

We are Stafier, specialists in the development and manufacture of load-bearing elements consisting of steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous materials.

We make these for renowned clients in construction ceramics, food and laboratories. For more than sixty years we make sure that it’s in place, the way you want it.

Stafier, we support your product