Ceramic industry

Every detail of a drying solution can have a decisive impact. That’s why Stafier understands your needs like no other. For example: exactly the right ventilation for your bricks or roof tiles. Or a design that ensures less noise during production. Everything we make is custom-made … to your specifications.

We show you designs in advance in 3D. We make work of all your wishes and ideas. We convert them into well thought-out and innovative constructions, which are precisely geared to your production process and your logistical system.

Stafier makes drying pallets for bricks, roofing tiles, drying laths, drying cars and racks. We use various special materials for this purpose. At Stafier the emphasis is always on research and development, a high level of quality and perfect dimensions.

Drying pallets for roof tiles

Drying pallets for bricks

Drying equipment and drying cars