Manufacture and sales of products made from steel,stainless steel and non-ferrous metals

Drying, maturing, storing, sterilizing

Whatever you do with your product, you want to place it on the right surface. So that the quality is optimal and your production process is as efficient and sustainable as possible.

  • Exactly the right airflow for your bricks or tiles;
  • Precisely the right maturation of your traditionally made cheese;
  • Accurately designed trays for sterilizing your petfood.

We are Stafier, specialists in the development and manufacture of load-bearing elements consisting of steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous materials.

We make these for renowned clients in construction ceramics, food and laboratories. For more than sixty years we make sure that it’s in place, the way you want it.

More about Stafier

  • The right materials to match your product and production process.
  • The specific perforation that guarantees perfect aeration of your product.
  • The design that ensures less noise during production in your factory.
  • The most sustainable solution for any design.
Home Stefan de Pooter Managing Director
Home Marie-Jean Declerck Account Manager
Home Stefan Timmerman Business Development Manager
Home Marcel Besselink Sales Director
Home Ruben Beijer Manager Product Development
Home Charles Verdaasdonk Production Manager
Home Ingrid Joosten Office Manager

With their motto, “sustainable cooperation is essential because we make the best things together”, they have been Stafier's partner for more than fifteen years.

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Nelissen Steenfabrieken

In order to improve the production process and maintain the highest quality, Nelissen was in search of specific drying pallets. And that's where Stafier excels.

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The right maturation of your traditionally made cheese Cheesefarm De Deelen C.V.

"Less cleaning, less mould. That's profit."
A satisfied customer expands the number of HY-Boards.

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Lan Handling Technologies

We recently joined forces with Lan Handling Technologies to fine-tune the process for an international animal feed supplier. The goal? To deliver a product that optimizes the sterilization process and that can be integrated into the existing production line.

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Exactly the right airflow for roof tiles Wienerberger Tegelen

Satisfaction with our roof tile frames leads to a repeat order. This project came about in cooperation with plant manager
Ralph Blom.

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Perforation that guarantees a perfect natural ripening Henri Willig Kaas B.V.

Cheesefactory very happy with the use of

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Exactly the right airflow for bricks Brick factory Engels Helden

Henk Engels: "I am very satisfied with the drying pallets from Stafier." Expanding capacity from 16 bins to 22 bins with a special innovation drying pallet.

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The right maturation of young cheeses Cheesefarm Schrama

Supply of supports with a length of
4,000 mm! Precisely fitting into the current rack.

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