Stafier, past en present

Stafier was founded by the brothers Stef and Jan Fierkens (STAmperij FIERkens). They made dies and moulds, mainly for the stove industry. Due to the mechanization in the brick industry the product range was extended with perforated drying pallets as a replacement for wooden boards. Later, the production of supports for drying systems in the tile/roof tile industry, the food industry, the roof-integrated BIPV solar panel and other industries was added. And so a very extensive and diverse product portfolio was created.

1956 How it started

In the village of Herwen, Stef Fierkens starts his tool shop
in the Koetshuis of ‘Huize Aerdt’ Castle.

1960 The stamping plant

Brother Jan continues the little stamping plant in the apple shed
of the Mariahoeve in Lobith.

1961 Founding of Stafier

Jan Fierkens registers Stafier at the Chamber of Commerce as a stamping plant and is then a supplier to the sheet metal industry. His brother Richard continues with the tool shop in the Koetshuis under the name Fico and produces dies and moulds.

1964 Founding of Fico Stafier NV

The company builds a new building at the Molenstraat in Herwen.

1965 Fico and Stafier split as independent companies
1979 Relocation to Zevenaar

Stafier moves to a new building and its position grows into that of supplier for the ceramic industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Export becomes more and more important and Stafier takes its first steps into the foreign markets in Europe. In addition to products for the ceramic industry, the company also develops new products for the Dutch dairy industry, such as stainless steel cheese shelves.

1981 Delivery first cheese shelves

The first delivery of cheese shelves: 30,000 pieces for
the Nederlandse Kaas Unie.

1982 Production of Sicopal stirrup machines

Stafier builds and sells machines that produce bucket brackets and which also put the brackets right on the buckets.

1986 Expansion of factory building

Start of welding and construction work.

1991 Expansion premises Marconistraat 37

The premises have become too small for all the offices.
An extra part is built on.

1995 Purchase premises Marconistraat 35

This doubles the total company surface area. Stafier’s market share expands to North and South America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

1998 Purchase of Salvagnini folding line

Stafier sells the wire division to Redfearn UK and focuses entirely on sheet metal. The purchase of the Salvagnini folding line gives Stafier an enormous advantage over the competition in terms of technology and cost price.

2001 First solar panel

The first solar panel comes about through an international collaboration between 5 countries called Project Starlet. They are all roof tile manufacturers who commission Stafier to develop a solar panel. It results in a BIPV (roof-integrated) module. The group of manufacturers may not start their own sales initiatives for 5 years. Stafier immediately provides the panel with ventilation holes and patents it in order to be ahead of the competition. A true USP!

2005 ISO 9001 certification
2013 ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification
2020 Purchase of Rodomach welding machine

To improve welding quality and production speed, Stafier invests in a new welding machine.

2021 Company anniversary 60 years