Stafier developed a stainless steel support for ripening cheeses as long ago as 1981. This was so unique that model protection was granted. Over the years, this stainless steel board has been continuously developed and given the name ‘HY-Board’. The advantages that make it a unique product are:

  • Superior in terms of hygiene
  • Easy to clean, without chemicals
  • Homogeneous ripening
  • Durable, high quality material

NIZO Food Research also conducted research on the ripening process of cheeses on stainless steel in relation to wood, the conclusions of which can be found here.


The HY-Boards are available in different versions for different types of cheese. For Gouda cheeses flat HY-Boards are made and for Edam cheeses the HY-Boards are drawn deep to prevent the cheese from rolling away.

Since many cheese stores have a unique layout, the HY-Boards can be delivered in any size to fit the current position of the cheese store. Furthermore the HY-Boards can be used in robotised production lines.


The products line for cheese storage is completed with cheese boxes. The storage boxes are manufactured from galvanized, painted or stainless steel. Trouble-free working and a long lifetime is guaranteed because of the well thought out constructions and use of the best materials.

Cheese turning unit

The cheese turning unit was installed at a cheese maker’s farm to turn cheeses outside the rack in a light and safe way was.



Stafier has developed the unique system StackRack™: a smart logistic system without moving parts, stackable and also nestable. It allows existing cheese rooms to contain much more cheese and shipping departments to stock much more empty StackRacks. The advantages:

  1. A system a robot easily can handle
  2. Less floor area needed with regard to common stillages (space saving)
  3. A reliable choice for the future reducing your companies footprint

Other products

Stafier likes to think along with specific customer wishes. So if your product is not listed here yet, please feel free to contact us.