Henri Willig Kaas B.V.

Henri Willig and Stafier Holland are both family businesses with a long history in the cheese industry. Because of this, they are not unknown companies to each other. The first contact dates back to the last century.

In 1990, Stafier developed a HY-Board (called a cheese shelve at the time) for small Gouda cheeses. The special feature of thisl HY-Board is that it contains bowls, which make the cheeses more stable on the boards. In addition, it contains a perforation pattern that stimulates proper ripening.

These HY-Boards are very suitable for the production of Henri Willig’s baby Gouda cheeses. The first batch of HY-Boards was delivered in 1994 and is still being used to the full satisfaction. Because stainless steel is a durable material that is easy to clean, it has a long lifespan. This is why Henri Willig has the most hygienic solution for the ripening process of cheeses for a considerable time.

Partly due to the enormous growth of Henri Willig, Stafier was allowed to deliver a new batch of HY-Boards several times over the years to facilitate Henri Willig’s growing cheese storage.

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Henri Willig Kaas B.V.