Account Manager Marie-Jean Declerck: ‘A strong bond across borders’

7 May 2024

For more than 30 years, Marie-Jean has been a familiar face in the ceramic industry. The French account manager, working for Stafier Holland, is passionate about his work and his loyal customer base. In this article, he looks back on his long career and shares his experiences with the Dutch ceramics specialist.

A shared passion for ceramics

Marie-Jean’s career in the ceramic industry began in the terracotta world, where he represented several foreign companies as a representative. In 1991, he started his collaboration with Stafier, a partnership that soon grew into a full-time job.

“The click with Stafier was there right away,” Marie-Jean explains enthusiastically. “The company is tremendously customer-oriented and is always open to new product developments. We share that passion for innovation, and that’s what makes our collaboration so strong.”

A strong bond, despite the distance

Despite the geographical distance between the Netherlands and France, the bond between Marie-Jean and Stafier Holland is ironclad. “We see each other at least twice a month, during meetings or customer visits,” Marie-Jean explains. “In addition, we communicate a lot via videoconferencing and other digital means.”

This frequent interaction ensures team spirit and friendliness within the collaboration. “We know each other inside out and can always count on each other,” Marie-Jean says.

The unique strength of Stafier

What makes Stafier truly unique? According to Marie-Jean, it is the combination of customer focus, innovation and expertise that sets the company apart. “Stafier is always looking for new solutions to its customers’ specific needs,” he emphasizes. “This drive makes Stafier an undeniable partner in the ceramic industry.”

Together into the future

Stafier Holland is known for its innovative strength and continuous focus on product development. Marie-Jean is therefore proud that he is working for the Dutch company. “Together we are now developing the food and pharmaceutical sector by developing sterilization trays and racks for autoclaves,” he says with a smile. “2024 is going to be a great year for us in this area!”

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