Sales agent Tony Land: ‘The biggest advantage of Stafier? We think along from the design stage’

5 Feb 2024

“I haven’t been working for Stafier that long, only 22 years”, jokes Tony Land, UK sales for Stafier, when asked about the partnership. With this remark it’s immediately clear that we are dealing with a very experienced person, who likes to use his knowledge and expertise to serve his customers in the best possible way. An approach that fits Stafier well. Read along!

As a sales agent, Tony enjoys working for Stafier every single day. “It’s a company that takes a very customer-oriented approach. Beside a flexible attitude, there’s also a good and specialized team that’s ready to further help the customer. For example, if a delivery threatens to take longer than the customer wants, they will do everything to make it happen faster. They always look for a solution and that sets them apart from other providers. They are real team players,” Tony says enthusiastically.

Thinking along at all levels

Tony has worked in the heavy ceramics industry since he was twenty years old. During that time he gained direct experience with the range of solutions for drying bricks and roof tiles. “I have been working for Stafier since 2001, where I can put my knowledge to good use. I am happy to represent Stafier in the UK. Customers also appreciate the products, I never get any complaints. This is also because Stafier always thinks along, both from a technical and commercial point of view.”

Custom-made solutions make the difference

“There are also companies in the UK that offer similar products to Stafier’s, but they are a lot smaller and quite frankly not as good. In addition, the big advantage is that Stafier has everything in-house from design to production. So, we can always find a suitable solution for our customers. Other companies lack the knowledge and don’t offer other solutions because they don’t have an engineering department. They basically copy existing products. What Stafier offers is customization and that really makes the difference.”

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