Meet the people behind Stafier | Stefan Timmerman

25 Mar 2024

His freedom gives this Business Development Manager space to create and innovate

After a serious accident and a long rehabilitation period, getting back to work full-time seemed impossible for Stefan Timmerman. Doctors and labor experts advised against it. An option was to maybe do some volunteer work during two half days a week. Complete recovery seemed to be a utopia, but sitting still was just not an option for Stefan. So some discussions followed with labor experts from the UWV (the Employee Insurance Agency) and employers. Stefan now works as a Business Development Manager at Stafier. What’s that like? Read more to find out!

As soon as you start talking to Stefan, you know immediately. This is a man with a no-nonsense mentality and a healthy dose of humor. He is a real team player who greatly appreciates the pleasant contact with customers and his colleagues.

The social character of Stafier

When Stefan talked to Stafier after his long rehabilitation, he immediately became enthusiastic. After some pleasant conversations, it soon became clear. The click was there, so now it was just a matter of getting started. “They saw the potential and drive in me. No worried looks, just an outstretched hand. It was a warm welcome to a team bursting with energy and optimism. The informal atmosphere and the trust they placed in me meant a lot to me.”

Stronger together

In addition to the cozy atmosphere at Stafier, Stefan has a mentor: sales director Marcel Besselink. “I discuss with him how everything goes and how we can take Stafier to a higher level together. During the time that I have worked here, I can say with certainty that I would not have been able to do this without Marcel. The market was new to me, the target group unknown. Aside from Marcel, I get advice from Product Development Manager Ruben Beijer, our office manager Ingrid Joosten, and of course I get all the cooperation from management and other colleagues.”

From idea to design

Stefan is a valuable addition to Stafier and contributes to the continuous development of the company. He advises customers on the right types of materials, especially steel, and works closely with engineering to come up with new products and to develop them. “What I like most about my work is the interplay between creativity and technology,” Stefan explains. “We start with an idea, and then the challenge for me and my colleagues is to convert that idea into a realistic and functional design.”

Environment of trust

The freedom that Stefan experiences at Stafier gives him the space to create and innovate. He feels valued and supported, which allows him to perform at his best. “I really feel at home here,” he says with a smile. “I can completely express myself here and share my passion for my work with others. The freedom and self-determination I get is very nice, I can get involved in everything and have an opinion about everything. And if I see the need for anything, they will actually do something with the vision I have and share. In this way, with these customers and colleagues, I can spend the rest of my working life here.”

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