Meet the people behind Stafier | Marcel Besselink

10 Nov 2022

“Things are going well at Stafier”, Marcel Besselink says. “We are growing fast and are known worldwide as the specialist in developing and manufacturing load-bearing elements for drying, maturing, storing, and sterilizing products.” Nevertheless, our commercial director still sees plenty of new opportunities and developments. “Generating more awareness in the food industry and showing our added value, that’s our goal for 2023.” Read more to meet Marcel and to discover his motivations.

It’s been 23 years already since Marcel entered our building in Zevenaar for the first time. “I saw a job ad in the newspaper De Gelderlander saying Stafier was looking for new employees. Back then, it was still the best way to recruit personnel”, Marcel looks back with a smile. “The thing that immediately appealed to me was the knowledge and skills of the special technology that Stafier masters. That, and its international character. It was already a quite large company back then, with about 40 employees.”

Developing the right surface

In his position – first as an account manager and later on as commercial director – Marcel makes sure as many companies as possible get to know Stafier. “When I just started, we were mainly active in the ceramic and supply industry. For companies in this sector, like producers of roof tiles and bricks, we develop the right surface to dry products under the right conditions and to optimally support them within the production process.”

Growing in the ceramic industry

Under Marcel’s wings, the company continues to expand its activities in the ceramic industry. But not only the number of customers grows, the demand from the market also changes. “Nowadays, it’s no longer just about providing the right surface for a product, but really it’s about optimizing the production process.”, Marcel explains.

“That’s why we not only develop solutions for drying and maturing, but our products also ensure, for example, less noise and vibrations during the production process. Creating the right working conditions is really a point of attention. We are also focusing more and more on sustainability, for example by thinking about the choice of materials or opting for lighter constructions. Without losing strength, of course!”

Time to conquer a new market

We have earned our tracks in the ceramic and solar industry, with a customer base that is spread all over the world. Now the time has come to conquer a new market. “We want to grow in the food industry”, Marcel says. “After all, many companies in this sector are not yet aware that with our sterilization trays we offer a high-quality solution for sterilizing (animal) food products. With this solution they can really optimize their production process.”

Always a custom solution

How is this possible? Marcel is happy to explain. “Sterilizing food is an accurate process. In order to guarantee food safety, we exclude all risks. This starts with the creation of the design, in which our engineers are directly involved. During the development of such a sterilization tray, we work together with the customer towards a custom solution that fits seamlessly with their production process. I’m therefore very proud that already a number of major global brands are working with us. But now it’s time to conquer the whole world”, Marcels laughs.


It’s clear, after 23 years Marcel still enjoys going to his work every day. The thing that convinced me to work here in 1999 – the international character and the specialist technology – is still what gives me energy every day.”

Family business

“The atmosphere within the company is also something that makes me feel completely at home here. Stafier is a family business in every way. You notice this not only in the mutual contact among colleagues, but we also carry this out to our customers. We put the customer first, we really want to serve them well and we go a long way to make this possible. We don’t go for quick results in the short term, we want to invest in a long-term relationships. Yes, I really made the right decision at the time to go work for Stafier!”

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