Optimization of your production line with our sterilization trays

7 May 2023

At Stafier, we are committed to optimizing production lines every day. Our products ensure that the production process is as efficient and sustainable as possible. We offer custom made solutions and love to go the extra mile for our customers. We don’t do this solely for domestic companies, the foreign market also experiences the benefits of a cooperation with Stafier for many years now. For example, we recently joined forces with Lan Handling Technologies to fine-tune the process for an international animal feed supplier. The goal? To deliver a product that optimizes the sterilization process and that can be integrated into the existing production line. And that’s exactly the thing we’re good at. Read further to discover how we did this.

The process

For this project we supplied sterilization trays that are custom made in our factory. But before these trays leave our company in Zevenaar, a whole process has already taken place. A process in which we leave nothing to chance. This already starts with an inventory of the customer’s wishes. Based on this we make the drawings, for which we worked closely with the engineering department of Lan Handling Technologies. Eventually, a system integrator – in agreement with the handling builder – makes sure that all separate parts are made into one production line. The system is first tested for this, because you don’t want to have the whole production line coming to a standstill.

The result

Our products passed the tests successfully. That’s not only a great feeling for the customer, but certainly also for us. After all, we are only fully satisfied when our product meets the whishes of the handling builder and the end user. We do everything we can to ensure that the production line runs smoothly. And yes, we leave nothing to chance while doing this.

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