Stafier expands machine park with new welding robot

7 Mar 2023

‘We continue to innovate and invest’

Organize processes better and more efficiently. At Stafier we deal with this on a daily basis. The addition of a new welding robot to our machine park is therefore a logical step. With this robot we not only expand our welding capacity, but we also work more efficiently. Read on.


Our latest addition is not just a machine. This is a TRACK-FRAME-C with a Panasonic TL 1800 robot. The entire system will be approximately 9.5 meters long and 5.5 meters wide. The system is equipped with a torch change system (TES) which makes it possible to weld both TIG and MIG. The welding robot is supplied by Valk Welding and we are getting a state-of-the-art industrial automation solution.

MIG/MAG and TIG welding

Alex Hol, technical advisor at Valk Welding, explains why he sees this welding robot as a good addition for us.” Stafier supplies various components and these can consist of many types of material. All these different products can also be welded in various ways. The new welding robot installation offers the possibility to weld both MIG/MAG and TIG, with or without cold wire feed. It is now even possible to apply both processes to one product using the automatic torch change system (TES), which allows people to change without intervention. between a MIG/MAG and TIG torch, including changing the (welding) parameters associated with the selected welding process.”

More efficiency and quality

“With a welding robot system from Valk Welding, Stafier can work more efficiently, but it also delivers more quality. Due to the great shortage of workers and mainly professional welders, it is increasingly difficult to deliver enough production with good quality. This welding robot installation offers the solution. The quality and production speed are increasing. Partly because of this, the staff can invest more time to tackle other steps in the production process.”

The main benefits for you

At Stafier, we see this welding robot primarily as a nice addition to our welding capacity. And that naturally also benefits our customers:

  • The production process is faster and more accurate
  • The welding robot has a stable quality – less chance of human error
  • We can scale up more easily with increasing demand for welding
  • We have the latest technology in house, with which we can also handle more complex issues

The robot does not serve as a replacement for employees, but above all offers a valuable addition. After all, much of our welding work remains manual craftsmanship.

Can’t wait

It is obvious. We are very happy with this new addition to our machine park. Nevertheless, we still have to be patient, because the welding robot will not arrive until September 2023. We are looking forward to it!

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