Stafier extends its boundaries

20 Jul 2023

Thinking along with the customer on all levels

At Stafier we think along with our customers, even when we have to cross the ocean for this. That’s why two of our specialists will soon fly to one of our customers in the USA. Wondering what they will do there? Then just keep reading!

We supply custom-made industrial frames to this customer. The first nine containers will soon be shipped to the United States. And if everything goes as planned, then 11 more containers will follow to the same customer in another area!

From product to logistics

Not only did we listen to our customer’s whishes when we thought along with the production of the industrial frames, but also in the entire transport. We have looked at the complete picture: from efficiency to costs. For example: to reduce volume in transport, we have proposed to assemble the frames on site instead of already doing that in the Netherlands. This not only saves transport volume, but also money!

That’s also the Stafier service

The fact that the industrial frames still have to be assembled when they are delivered also means the necessary tools and knowledge have to travel. That’s why we not only supply welding jigs with the industrial frames, but also two technicians. They know everything about assembling the industrial frames and will transfer this knowledge to the local welders of our customer. This gives them the know-how to properly assemble the products themselves. We think this is a good example of how we assist our customers.

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